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Contega tape .Bad application. Bad plastering. A mess!


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Widow company fitted factory painted wood windows , tape internally with Contega SL after installation. Reveals then hard wall, wet plastered. Combination of wavy taping, and not quite thick enough plaster has left a lot of tape showing through. It’s a mess.

How do we get excess tape off.??

The taping is definitely over generous , coming too far on to the window frame.

The plaster is definitely a bit thin in places, not covering enough tape.

Solutions proposed so far.

                Remove tape ,                                   Seems almost impossible without damaging paint

                More plaster in reveals.                 Would leave very thin exposed frame.

                Beading over tape.                           May be easiest, but not quite the look we hoped for.

                Sand down, to remove tape residue and repaint that part of frame.


Am I the first to hit this problem.

The tape appears to do what it’s designed for. Stay on.

Lesson take care taping and plastering.   Make sure the tape is covered!

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Window head and reveals are much better dabbed Then wet plastered up to them Then a skim bead on the edge Far easier to get a nice even margin and line 

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