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Temporary builders supply query....

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I need two small electric jobs doing. The electrician who wired up the static back to the cabinet housing my cable head and meter seemed the obvious choice. I need a suitable cable for the house pulled through the duct from the cabinet and left free at either end for connection at the appropriate time. I also need a temporary builders supply close to the footprint of the house for the kit erectors and fit out contractors use.


Simple? well I've been let down twice now with promises of doing the job and then putting it off on the day promised so I'm getting a bit fed up. 


I know what cable I need to pull through so I can do that. At present I have an exterior type double socket in the cabinet wired to a small CU which also serves the caravan supply. The house slab is on the opposite side of the caravan from the cabinet about 15m away. Instead of fixing extra external sockets to a board fixed to the caravan as was my first plan can I just buy a decent quality extension lead reel with 4 outlets and plug it back into the cabinet socket? The builders can then move it to suit themselves.


The house is timber framed, the raft is in, so the heaviest tools are likely to be plasterers mixing tools I guess.

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