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Howdens "paintable" range coming already painted???

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Can someone tell me if I'm getting the runaround or if this is a legitimate thing, please?


Coming to the final stages of ordering our kitchen, Howdens are almost certain to get the order due to a mix of price and quality.  But they've thrown us a curveball.  We've decided we don't like their paint finish, so we're going to get the fitting carpenter to paint the doors, decor panels etc.   No problem - they've a "paintable" range, and I was led to believe (verbally!) that these items come ready-primed.  Except now it comes to update the quote they're telling me they only supply painted doors so it'll be the same price and we just need to specify a neutral colour.


Their own website just says "ready to finish surface", which is a lovely loose phrase.  And googling tells me nothing.


Has anyone else ordered this from Howdens (or worked for Howdens?), and can tell me how your kitchen arrived / whether this is true or not? 


It feels like a bit of a joke, and worse, it makes me worry that our carpenter will have to re-prep the surface prior to painting (which we'd assumed wouldn't be necessary).  This isn't the first bit of sharp practice from Howdens now they think they've got our business, but we don't have any other comparable options at the moment (DIY kitchens would require more time from me than I've got and can't do a couple of the design touches we'd like).




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No connection or knowledge of Howdens but from a production and selling point of view, unfinished doors would/should cost extra. Someone would have to sort through and find ones with no imperfections or knocks etc. whereas a finishing line will take them unsorted, fill/sand any imperfections and then add the finish… or primer so the cost would be the same.

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