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Acoustic Insulation Below A Warm Roof


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On 01/03/2024 at 18:27, Iceverge said:

All the adding mass in the world makes little difference if the ceiling is full of holes. 

Yes but the noise is from the roof, so that is why the tecsound would be stuck to the underside of the plywood deck.


I have put some up in the utility now and it does make a significant difference. Need to try adding 50mm rockwool directly under that now and wait for more rain.


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Hi Spinny, I'm in exactly the same position as you as regards to rain noise being transmitted through the warm roof as you describe. We've had plenty of rain since you posted this, Did you add the rockwall and how is it now?

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On 28/02/2024 at 14:02, Moonshine said:

I don't think that the mass loaded vinyl will do a significant amount. 100mm acoustic insulation between the joists will be a better solution paired with resilient bars. However you need to be careful of the risk of interstitial condensation.


This was our roof type




I got a couple of insulation firms to do a interstitial condensation risk analysis based on my geographical location, which showed no condensation in the lower layers (below the vapour barrier)



When you say no condensation below the vapour barrier do you meant the vapour barrier on top of the first layer of OSB (decking)?

Also, where are you in the UK? I'm looking to do exactly what you've had done in a garden room and trying to reassure myself it'll be fine :-)

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