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Has anyone used the company 'Onetile' for floor/wall tiles?


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Hi, I need to purchase a reasonably large quantity of floor and wall tiles for our new build. 

A local tile company have quoted for them and for a comparison I also got a quote from a company called onetile who happened to be considerably cheaper.


It seems that they are headquartered in Italy but have a UK website and office address.

When I showed the local tile company the better quote they tried to warn me off using them citing horror stories of goods not turning up and that they were not authorised dealers of the (Atlas Concorde) brand. They seem similar to tile expert etc.


I'd prefer to use the local place but the difference amounts to nearly £2000 ex vat, it would be interesting to know if anyone had used them or similar companies? Thanks

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As a business I sometimes use there online companies Mainly for Moroccan type tiles that I can’t always get here 

The tiles I used on our first build came directly from Italy 

The carriage can be a deal breaker 

But it sounds like you have sorted that


2k will probably pay for a 100 m2 of labour 

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Yes another online reseller site worked out more expensive than local by the time you add delivery etc but onetile quote says, Our quote includes delivery, VAT, Customs and import fees, so hopefully I wouldn't have any unexpected costs.


The local tile place produced a statement from Atlas concorde saying that they do not directly supply such online companies etc and that unauthorised supply channels will be pursued and shut down and that no warranties or support will apply.


However I don't understand how they can supply the tiles so much cheaper if they are having to purchase through a reseller in the first place, unless the local tile place is just putting on a particularly big margin? Local company knocked 37.5% off retail, online one was about 50% off making the tiles about £30m² ex vat delivered.


Might just use a credit card for protection and hope for the best. 

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In the end, after some negotiations and onetile dropping their price further, the local tile place got close enough to onetiles price that it wasn't worth it to use them. 


I suspect the retailers work off a significant profit margin, or in the UK anyway. 

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Are you able to share the name of the local time company please you used. I am looking to buy Atlas Concorde tiles too and have come across OneTile who are significantly cheaper than the one authorised dealer Atlas Concorde recommended and they aren't negotiating. Hesitant on purchasing with OneTile as no reviews online.



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