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Flat roof edge water run off


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So Abit of of a strange one....I have a balcony which has a small section of flat roof (50cm wide by 3m long) which holds the rails of the balcony.


What seems to happen is when it rains the water drips over the edge of the drip edge and down the brickwork. In winter this causes the bricks to become saturated over many rainy spells and eventually it gets through the brick and onto the ceiling below. 


In theory this shouldnt happen as there are cavity trays. I'm assuming the water is either bypassing the trays around the balcony door area or the trays are damaged somewhere. 


What can I do to prevent this as there isn't enough space to attach a gutter. Is there anything I can glue on to make the drip edge further out so the drips don't hit the wall? 



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