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staggered stud wall acoustic build up


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I'm about to build internal stud walls in my house and want to get the best acoustics I can out of them.


I'm not sure what to fill the void with though - do I fill all 100mm with mineral wool? Do I fill half? Do I fill half with dense mineral wool and the other half with lighter mineral wool?


I read conflicting things on here - any advice?


Current plan is:

2 layers of 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard

attached to 75mm studs at 300mm centres

on a 100mm base plate creating a void - fill to be decided) (with a rubber layer underneath the baseplates and between wall plates and the wall)

Staggered (for decoupling) 75mm studs on the other side at 300mm centres
2 layers of acoustic plasterboard

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I wouldn’t use timber for an acoustic wall MF is far better Dont fully full Use a 50 a acoustic roll (Iso ) Attach a strip sound block PB to the underside of the base and head track with two lines of acoustic sealer Don’t forget to stagger your PB joints on each layer 

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