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Shower niche, make my own?

Tony K

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Hi all. 

I am about to build a bathroom in our SB. One wall of the bathroom, where the shower will go, is block work with waste pipes etc mounted on it. I intend to fix timber battons to the block, then fix tile backer boards over the top before tiling. 


As there is a cavity between the timber battons I am considering exposing a section, thereby creating a niche. 


I have seen lots of ready-made shower niche kits that slot into stud walls, but they are not to the size I want. 


Am I OK to simply create a niche space between timber battons, mount tile backer board around the inside, and tile the area? I would find some way to create a tiny fall into the shower area at the base of the niche, but otherwise see no reason not to proceed. 


Am I missing anything? 



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