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Shear links for reinforced suspended floor slab.


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We are having to put in a suspended concrete floor with two sheets of steel mesh as we have a small amount of clay on site. Our SE has told us that we need to put in Shear links at 100mm spacing using H10 rebar. How does this sit in relation to the mesh, does it lay inside between the two sheets ? If anyone has any pics that would be very useful.

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Forgive me if this is not a useful contribution to the discussion. Would an integrated 'I' beam system - as above - be a good alternative?

I've written more about it on my web site but it's just an idea and I'd welcome criticism from those on this forum who really know what they are talking about. Basically the idea is that instead of lugging up beams and slabs you just pour the whole thing on and leave the formers in situ as the finish.

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A few questions for you;

  • What's the thickness of your slab?
  • What mesh are you using? Is it one top and one bottom?  Is it two nested in the bottom?
  • Where has your engineer said you need the links?  I.e I am assuming at a support? 

Also hasn't your engineer given you these details?  H10 links at 100mm centres is quite close spacings for links and would suggest very high shear forces.  It just sounds OTT

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