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Installing a uPVC sliding patio door - housewrap & other questions


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Mornin' all


a PVC sliding door will be arriving in a couple of days and I am scratching my head about a few niggles.  here goes:


1.  do I fold the housewrap back under and around the door frame?  I've seen many people do this on yt videos but I wonder whether the UK style door frames are the same construction as the US.  I've also seen people use stretch-wrap.  is this interchangeable with standard housewrap?  


2.  i've seen that packers are essential both around the frame and around the glazed panel.  do I fasten _through_ the packer or silicon the packer in place and fasten immediately adjacent?  

any other tips of the trade for a DIY sliding door install in a timber frame please?  it's v wide (2m40) so I'm already thinking that I can't do this one on my own!  





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