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cement fibre board: inside/outside corners and tanking question


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Hi all, I'm just finishing off the stud wall for my first ever wet room.  I'm using 12mm STS construction board and hoping to construct an alcove within the stud to house showergel/shampoo bottles.  Couple of questions:


1) Can I just butt STS at 90 degree angles to create my inside and outside corners? or do I need some form of angle bead?


2) Should I just tank the floor joints or do I need to waterproof the cement fibre boards floor to ceiling? if so what product should I use and is taping joints necessary?


Many thanks for any help

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Not an expert on the boards you are using but we used plasterboard. Just fitted as normal, we're taped and filled, the used a mapai tanking kit. You have to use tape on all the joins and corners. Floor to splash height all round. Then two coats of tanking paste. 


I left the tiler to do the alcove as I didn't have time... I don't think he did a good job as looks like the ply underneath is getting wet and swelling. Alcoves really important as you'll have water sitting their for hours.

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