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Rsj on brick column.


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So I'm not worried. Because I've lived here ten years and don't know how long it's been done before that.

But I was wondering. Is there a minimum amount of wall needed for an rsj to remove a downstairs wall? Online it says the steel should be on the wall by 100mm. But don't much about the wall.

So I my case there is two doors on the wall. So there isn't really much wall there.... if that makes sense. It's door, 7" to the 4" T and then 7" to the next door. (Which has been plasterboarded over)

TLDR: what's the minimum size column for an rsj to take out a downstairs wall? Supporting an upstairs brick wall.


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from a weight perspective (downwards force), a 150mm pier will do. in fact, even using just the lateral wall will be enough, as the perpendicular wall can take all the load, easily.


what most people don't take into account is lateral strength. less of an issue in a terrace, but STILL a consideration.

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