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Mendip 12.5 Interlocking Concrete Roof Tile Gaps


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Can anybody let me know if this is an issue on a newly retiled roof? There are several tiles which don't seem to follow a straight line and subsequently there are a few tiles which aren't completely interlocked. Is this a problem other than aesthetics. Many thanks.



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57 minutes ago, abuthfer said:

@markc the pitch is 12.5, it had the wrong tiles originally. The are replacement tiles supposed to be correct ones for this pitch.

Eek, yes it’s a shallow roof. What overlap do you have? Wind blown water could be a bigger problem going up the roof than jumping the poor jointing

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@markc not sure of the overlap, but the tiles are designed for this pitch. I am more worried about the gap, but no water has come in yet and been some heavy rain. That said only been on for less than a week.


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Can I ask if you used hold down clips with your Mendip 12.5 tiles, and if yes which make/model of clips? I've been looking into the Mendip 12.5 tiles recently for a shallow pitch roof project and trying to get an idea of best practice with regard to using them. They seem to be a popular tile, but very little info on how most people/roofers prefer to fit them. Mendip recommend their own ''solofix'' tail clips and their special eaves clips for the eaves course, but trying to get an idea of what people do in the real world so to speak, if they do it to the letter, or if they even need clipping on a shallow and low elevation roof.

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