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Refurb and extension of detached house in Cardiff - Cost saving advice / ? realistic expectations

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Good morning all, 


I've got some plans drawn (not submitted) for some works we plan on doing to our new family home. The provisional estimates from builders and QS have come in higher than expected at around £250K (fully finished including supply and fitting of kitchen, bathrooms). We will need a contingency on top of this, plus any other finishing touches. My existing floor plans are below, and so are the proposed (adjustments below not included). 


Project is in Cardiff.


We have made some small adjustments to the proposed plans to save a little: 

- Leave downstairs WC in same place, instead of re-locating into the existing garage

- Extend front porch only, not the front of garage

- Single large roof lantern about GF extension, instead of two large 

These are not huge cost savings but every little helps.


For this project to go ahead, I need it finished in less than 200K - Am I far off to consider this possible? I am happy to source high quality used kitchens and bathrooms. The flooring throughout the existing ground floor is solid parquet that can just be restored, not replaced. 


In order to save further, I am thinking of taking on one of two approaches:

- Fully project manage individual trades 

- Hybrid - get a general contractor to get us watertight in the GF extension and porch and then project manage the rest with individual trades


Please could I have some thoughts on the project and whether a max finished figure of 200K is realistic?

Annon ECA.png

Anon FF.png

Anon loft.png

Existing GF.png

Annon proposed.pdf

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