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Hi guys, I'd like to ask you for an advice. I dig out a "trench" for ACO channels around my house because I have a problem with paving that is to close to DPM and IM getting damp on the inside walls.

Anyway when I uncover the foundations  as you can see on the pictures in few places I need to do repointing. I'd like to ask you what ratio (cement to sand) would you recommend for foundations, is it 1:4 or 1:6?

I live in Nottingham apparently ratio differs of the region.  


Also what are your thoughts about sealing the brickwork with brick sealant (SD below 1) or would you advice not to do it?


And one more thing would you use brick acid to clean them up a bit before you'd start to do repointing?


If you have any other suggestions how I could fix this please share with me :)  


Thanks and looking forward to hear from you guys :D





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I suspect others can impart more wisdom than me but I'd just follow the advice on the cement packet. I thought 5 to 1 was standard for cement (I have a older 1920s house with lime mortar so have used an NHL lime mix with no cement)


Does the damp inside correspond with the lower part of the wall? 


Is the mortar crossing the DPC?


I would not use any sealants personally. 





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