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Floating Quartz Shelf


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Hi All


The mrs has decided to re-design our new kitchen to now include a floating shelf along the back wall of our kitchen above a quartz upstand. Please see attached images to show how we would like to be.


My major concern is how to fix the quartz shelf to the wall, the wall in question will need to be battened for installation of internal insulation so I am confident I will be able to get good enough mechanical fixings to take the weight. My question is has any body got any ideas how to achieve this?


Could I use the traditional floating shelves kind of brackets and drill/slot the back of the quartz so they slot over the brackets? I was thinking these brackets could be heavy duty angle brackets fixed to battens


Other than this I am really struggling for ideas, I know its an odd question but any ideas/inspiration at all would be greatly appreciated 


I have spoken to the guy I have used for quartz worktop in the past who I will be using again and his reply is we will sort something which isn't a good enough answer for me at the minute haha



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Thank you @stoneguy for the reply and the recommendation of the brackets. I have had a look and seen the brackets are 10mm thick. 


Would you drill the back of the quartz using 12mm drill bit (or quartz equivalent) would you put any adhesive on the brackets or are the brackets enough with it?


For information, what size is the upstand on the back wall? 450mm?

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I've done lots like this.

If the concealed brackets are fixed to the wall before templating i drill oversized holes usually 15mm  in back of the stone shelf then use chemfix on installation. The shelf should be 30mm thick. 

Alternatively we glue stainless threaded rod into the stone at the factory then drill holes into the wall and fill with cemfix. This is usually better for brick walls.

If you want to put weight on it recessing the shelf into the wall makes it a lot stronger.


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