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Wood dormer windows allowing access for external decoration?

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The problem - sorry if long winded!  Ours is a listed old house with two original rooms in the attic space (ground, first and attic floors) each with a single dormer window.  The widows are conventional outward opening wooden casements with one opening light and one fixed.  One is probably victorian and the other modern.  The rooms are large so the dormer windows provide borderline daytime illumination which I don't want to compromise.  Because of the difficulties in accessing the outside face of the windows and dormer they are in poor decorative order.  I hope to replace them with double glazed wood windows to remain in keeping with the house.  Any ideas for design to make access for decoration safe and not requiring scaffolding?  I am not keen on a modern wood window with complex hinges and locking mechanisms in the style of uPVC windows.  They are recognisable from a distance to be anachronistic and they substantially reduce the area of glazing.

The simplest solution is inward opening conventional casements but this would make it difficult to have the window ajar in the summer with the blind pulled down.  Is there a clever solution that anyone has devised?

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