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SuDS demanding cctv surveys of private drains

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SUDs application went in a while back and they got back to us asking for a CCTV drain survey covering storm drains covering S4-S1, I have had this done and now they are asking that we have storm drains downstream of S1 (culvert). The issue is that the drains are privately owned and s1 has the upright for decking on top of it the drains then go through a number of neighbours properties, I cannot see an outfall for this culvert anywhere and I am unlikely to have permission to enter through this culvert for the purpose of cleaning and surveying. Has anyone else been in this position before or can anyone else offer advice?

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On the off chance that this post helps anyone in a similar situation. I ended up surveying nearly 1500m of storm drain and culvert at my cost, council confirmed that they had powers to survey private drains which I didn’t have access but refused to do so. All has now become apparent and I now have SABs approval (just) but a complaint has made to the relevant authorities as it appears that there were ulterior motives at play from an individual within the local authority. 

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