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Steel frame Fabrication and Installation ideas

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Now, the house is not nearly as cold as I expected - certainly better than the Victorian house with solid, non-cavity walls I have moved from. Nevertheless, I would like to improve it. The fibreboard walls are also inconvenient as they cannot be skimmed, wallpaper has to be applied directly.

My idea was to strip off the fibreboard from the walls, insert a better type of insulation and then put up plasterboard in place of the fibreboard. I have found some companies*very useful, and the administrator has done something very similar but was wondering if anyone here has done anything similar.

The usual advice is to reclad the outside of the house, but I'd rather not do that as it's expensive, non-DIY and I think looks ugly (basically it removes or covers up the only features of the house that give it any interest).
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We need more detail as to what you are deaing with, and ideally some photos.


Type of house? When built? Conservation Area etc? What performance level are you after?


It it sounds like non standard construction .. is this correct?





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External insulation is better than internal in all ways except cheapness. It is DIYable if you are reasonably competent and in many ways it's easer than inside because you don't have to take your house to bits in the same way. The final result is better because you don't have remaining cold bridges at all internal wal junctions. Normally you can put either better or cheaper insulation on due to having more space.[commercial link removed]

You avoid the potentially serious complications of interstititial condensation, which may be particularly bad in a steel house, because anything vulnerable is on the warm side. It usually isn't difficult to put back 'features of interest' or a reasonable simulacrum on the outside so no-one will be any the wiser. I know EWI is a big jump because you get attached to the 'look' of a building, but it really is a lot better so do think quite hard about it, the risks of IWI, and how you might feel about this in say 15-20 years time.

I started off thinking IWI was clearly the way to go, EWI was 'too hard', changed the look of the house, might annoy planners, not DIYable, etc. But I've changed my mind over last 5 years, and despite having IWIed part of the house, I'm planning to EWI the rest (the front in fact, perversely).

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