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Foundations query. Retaining wall required?


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I have a large concrete base at the bottom of my garden which is approx 40m2. I would like to build an outbuilding made of bricks at the side and breeze blocks at the front and back. I would also like to build a cavity wall to ensure the building is well insulated. 


When looking at picture IMG_8756 on the right hand side the neighbours garden drops down significantly as can be seen in IMG_8758. There is a small single wall that has started to lean to one side. 


How would be the best way to deal with this? Would you recommend removing the single wall that is leaning over and replacing with a retaining wall? 


I would appreciate any advice. Also happy to provide more details if needed.



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I would pull the whole thing out and start again if you are looking a decent building. For a free standing timber shed then it would be fine but last thing you want is foundation failure, cracked walls etc.

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