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What energy companies are you using for your ASHP?

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On a previous post I asked whether using Economy 7 was worth having for running an ASHP and lots of people replied that probably not and that they were using Octopus Energy, who did have a special flexible tariff for ASHPs a while ago - I'd be interested in light of the recent increases in electricity tariff what electricity companies people are using. (not sure if this has been covered elsewhere)

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I'm on https://octopus.energy/go/


it's 7.5/unit for new sign ups, but I'm still on 5p/unit until the end of the year.


With a COP of 3.5 that is barely more than 1p per kWh of delivered heat. Not a bad deal!


HOWEVER this only works because we have extremely low heat demand and an oversized ASHP, so even on the coldest day I could get all the heat I needed delivered during the 4 hour offpeak window.

for a more conventional install the best advice is to leave the ASHP (assuming UFH) running 24/7 so then the offpeak rate doesn't help you so much.




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