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Building an outer skin wall attached to terrace house party wall to grow Hydrangea


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I want to grow Hydrangea which is a climbing plant up my 6 metre party wall in my terrace house court yard. The terrace houses on my street were build in 1910.


The house next door to me has Hydrangea growing directly up my shared party wall. However this has caused problems internally in my property. Damp is getting in because the red bricks are unable to breath due to the Hydrangea trapping the moisture in when it rains. I will probably have to ask them to remove the Hydrangea.




I was wondering if there is anything I could attach to me and my neighbours party wall which would allow me to grow Hydrangea up it without causing damp issues in their property? Maybe building a secondary wall which would have a keyed in damp proof course to their wall?


Many thanks

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