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Kingspan TR27 vs Celotex or equivalent for roof terrace / balcony


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We are specifying flat roof insulation, and warm deck is the obvious choice.


Currently proposed buildup on top of joists is:

- 18mm osb

- 150mm Celotex XR

- 18mm osb

- grp


Then subsequently:

- some areas acting as a standard flat roof, and others being built a suspended decking on adjustable pedestals.



I have been looking into ways of simplifying, and Kingspan TR27 seems a good choice, more compact to handle onto the top floor roof, and in theory takes away the need to apply another layer of OSB prior to GRPying.


Pound for pound it is a bit more expensive than Celotex + OSB, but obviously quicker and easier to handle. 


Is it something worth considering?





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