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Ridge Caps

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Hi Folks,


Last year I had one of my verges re-bed and consequently the end ridge cap along that verge was re-bed. I did consider having all the ridge caps lifted and re-bed but the roofer at the time said they were all solid and advised it wasn't necessary.


Today I noticed some of the mortar between the 2nd / 3rd ridge has come away and is laying on the tiles (waiting to be blown off / fall down).


Obviously this is something that will need to be remedied but I just want to gauge the urgency... Am I correct in assuming this does not pose a significant risk for water ingress / damage? This time will probably re-bed all ridge caps.



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I had a guy come out over the weekend to take a look. He took a video up on the roof and it is evident that there are a few areas along the ridge with loose mortar. I don't think the ridge has been done since the house was built ~1960 or certainly if it has it was a long time ago.


The recommendation is the re-bed the ridge... whilst on the roof he also pointed out some areas of flashing around the chimney which have split so will be undertaking some proactive maintenance there too.

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