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Light switches again...

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Planning to use a z-wave based HA solution (Hubitat) for lighting etc and looking at lighting switches. Switches can be quite simple as they won't be dimming - just triggering the z-wave module to run a scene (most places the zwave module will drive the lighting circuit) . Idea being that we'll have in some rooms a lot of circuits so pressing the right side button on a switch will activate a scene. BUT we want to have switches for all circuits in case of some HA meltdown and accept in the meltdown scenario that the switch operation will be basic circuit control.


So, the question is what switches! We've bought a bunch of different white or grey glass touch switches like image below. They look fine and will do the job bit the issue is they change colour to show their state which is a problem as the circuit state will change without pressing the switch so the colour will end up being random! So what we'd like I think is a simple version of this style switch that just has a constant colour/intensity -have looked and looked but can't see any - welcome suggestions if anyone has already got one of these or has other thoughts.


Switch link







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You've stumbled on the same issue people with home automation have with traditional rocker switches, but yours is with an illumination indicator rather than a physical one


The resolution is typically to go for retractive switches (ie. they spring back into place after pressing the switch). I went for the Retrotouch Crystal range (retractive): https://www.retrotouch.co.uk/crystal.html


They do have the touch light range that looks like yours, but i think it will have the same issue. I'm not aware of a range that does what you want. You could always buy one and see if you could remove/break the LED inside it :)

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Thanks @AliMcLeod yes we have their touch ones. I did actually use their retractive switch in my testing and they were functionally fine but do not have the look we're going for. the search continues....

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