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Laminate Flooring on concrete garage floor


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I am partitioning some of my garage for utility space - and will be heavily insulating the ceilings and walls. With the floor, I am constrained by ceiling height so want to achieve the best I can within 10-15mm including the laminate flooring. I know that the best insulated flooring would need much thicker products, but I am happy with just "comfortable on the foot" for flooring given how much I've achieved with wall and ceiling insulation.


I first considered 6mm tile backer boards (with good thermal stats) to go directly on the concrete, followed by standard underlay for laminate, then the laminate itself. That is 3 layers (inc. the laminate).


But can I achieve good thermal properties and the flooring itself in just 2 layers? e.g. is there a product that covers what I want? 


I saw the below which is 5mm.... 



Any advice welcome.




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