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what type of planning is needed for windows


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Hello, I have planning, but I want to change the internal layout and the position of some of the windows and the front door.

What sort of application do I need to submit to planning for this.



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we are doing a class q  barn conversion.  the back wall had 6 windows, one for each pig sty, but because of a low roof height our architect removed the windows and submitted planning without them.

even taking into account the low roof we still want the windows, the rooms are all bedrooms, bathrooms and utility room and we will put furniture the opposite end.  Not so different from an eaves room.

The architect also put the front door directly into the family room with no hall some way from the driveway.


I wondered what I need to go to get the planning for the windows and door moving. 


we are also changing some of the internal rooms, but not much


when the SE came to do calcs he wouldn't do any for the back windows because there weren't on the plan, it was the same for the door, although that doesn't make much difference as the door will be the same size, just in a different place.


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