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Support for services through footings


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Currently in the process of moving some services from our single storey main house to a single storey detached garage (which will be converted into a living space). 


I will need to run the services underground between the two buildings, a distance of less than 2 meters. Looking around I can see the depths and distances of the various services. I will clearly be getting the appropriate trades to run the pipes and cables but will most likely be digging the services trench myself.





Given the sizes of the services (and protective conduit) I am concerned about weakening the foundations of both buildings. Should I be looking to put a lintel or steel in the footings above where the services will enter, much in the same way you would for building over drainage pipe or are the holes going to be insignificant overall? Structure of the garage is 215mm single skin blockwork, house is cavity wall standard brick


Services to be brought through the footings

  • Mains Water - MDPE Pipe insulated inside 110mm plastic drainage pipe
  • Gas - Most likely 32mm TracPipe with 40mm sleeving
  • Telecom - 25mm MDPE conduit
  • Electricity - SWA inside 40mm conduit
  • Hot Water from Boiler in garage to house - 3 x 22mm  PB Barrier pipe individually insulated inside 110mm plastic drainage pipe



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