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Reversing a Garage Conversion


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Hello, sorry for coming on here and making a “how much will it cost” post - I’m just wondering what very rough ball park I should be looking at for this project in today’s rates, as I really am not too sure.


I’d like to reverse my garage conversion to house a classic car. My garage has been messed around with a little after the conversion though.


It has a partition wall put in to make a shower room, so this partition wall would need removing and plumbing would need isolating. Originally it was a few feet away from the house, but a subsequent owner built a hallway to join it to the house - the only thing is they built a cupboard by knocking through the original exterior wall and building a partition wall at the rear. I imagine this wall will need thickening to comply with fire safety regs, or possibly the cupboard bricked back up?


There’s also a little RCD box in there for that side of the house (the original garage was extended to the rear too, which will still leave us with a huge hallway/room, a downstairs WC and a rear room of good size). I’d like to keep the RCD where it is, but simply put it on the other side of the wall, so it’ll now be in the hallway cupboard instead of the garage.


The rest is all standard. The original garage door opening was just blocked with a thin wall with some cladding on the front (probably why that room is freezing and unusable, as well as being single skin with no heating…) Then the integral door to the house will just require a fire door putting in the original doorway.


I’ll also require the standard size single driveway doing in tarmac.


I was thinking the project should be doable on £5,000 max, doing none of it myself. I’m in Norfolk. Is this sounding feasible?

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