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Advice required please.

Brad Evans

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Hi.  Ive just been in my loft and noticed some felt has degraded and torn away.  As you can see from the picture daylight is visible through the tiles.  Is this normal?  Would I require a roofer to remove tiles and replace the felt.  If so what would the rough cost be?  Many thanks


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I have this in a couple of places in my loft (house built ~1960). I think it is pretty common. I am no expert but my understanding is that the felt is there to prevent wind / water ingress in the event you lose a tile etc. It's a secondary defense in effect.


I would say the gaps you are seeing are normal; same in my loft where the felt has come away.


Replacing the felt properly would require tiles and battens to come off and probably isn't worth worrying about in my opinion. There are alternative ways of fixing and some of the roofing folks on the forum may be able to better advise you here.

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