Conservatory flashing coming away from the wall

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise if possible please? 


I've recently moved into a house with a conservatory and noticed that part of the seal between the house and the conservatory roof (I believe this is called flashing but not sure?) Has bent away on one end. From what I've seen online, this flashing should be mortared into the wall. Was this an incorrect installation from the beginning or just a different way of doing it? Any easy fixes for it would be appreciated.


Pic attached.


Thanks, Josh




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looks like they used "flash band " which is thin lead  and has a butyl  adhesive backing --

not real flashing which as you say should befitted in a  raggle in the wall and made purely from lead 

it is a lot cheaper to use flashband ,but can see now why it is really a repair material to patch things and not a first choice to build with .

 If you can get at it you might be able to heat with a hot air gun on the lead side and then roll it back onto the wall+ roll it hard to make it bond  -butyl never goes hard and gets sticky when heated 

 If left like that it will  eventually peel itself off when it gets hot in the summer--so pick a hot day and you might just be able roll it back on and use lots of pressure  

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