Soil stack/foul pipe install and excavation

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Hi All,


I'm not sure if I am posting to the correct forum - if not, please kindly advise so I can re-post it in the correct forum.


We're in the process of installing a new bathroom with a toilet upstairs - there is no toilet in the house but downstairs, hence why we would like to install a toilet upstairs :)


Intially, the bath fitter chosen for the project advised he would provide the service end-to-end. Alas, that is not the case and he is unable/won't bring up the internal soil stack downstairs so it can be connected to the soil pipe for the new upstairs toilet. He just wants to be able to connect to it from his end, jobs done.


But this has given me nothing but a headache in terms of finding someone who will do only this part of the job (vs. doing the entire bathroom install). I have been told by several different folks that I need a plumber, so I reach out to a plumber, only to be told I need a builder, only for the builder to say I need a plumber. It is a vicious cycle. Then other plumbers/builders I speak to say I need a ground worker, just today I was told I needed another tradesman - which I cannot remember now.


Does anyone know what type of tradesman I actually need here? since all these people are pointed to each other to do this type of work. The current soil pipe is internal, so it needs to be dug up/the tradesman would have to find it and dig it up/connect it.


Also, should I be wary of contractors who are not even aware that they need to meet with the local councils (regardless of the property being council or non-council) to discuss about about building regulations and keeping in-line with the regulations of connecting to the correct pipes for the the soil stack waste.


Any advice would be kindly appreciated.

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