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On 31/03/2021 at 06:49, rh2205 said:

Here’s our bungalow conversion no increase in footprint (we took down the conservatory), same foundations using timber frame above, we still destroyed a lot of it. Hardly groundbreaking design but we are happy. The planners are conservative round here & even outside a conservation area they tried to get us to use ugly brick slips (fortunately the NMA worked). By all means it’s not perfect probably would of only got that if we’d have rebuilt & done everything ourselves and spent ALOT more time thinking everything through but ok for a first go. Timeframes worked for us this route & we lucked out when we accidentally bought something known as an empty property so wasn’t an obvious route for rebuild on VAT. The footprint is 110sqm so was an expensive foundation to replace round here. FYI these photos are 1 year apart before we’d got planning or even spoken to builders.




Thanks, that looks great

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