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Building regs for 40m2 sports club house


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I am hoping I can get a bit of very basic input on the applcable building regs for a club house for a sports club.


My son's local small cricket team is looking to build a clubhouse.  The plan is to erect a prefabricated timber building, not dissimilar I guess than many of the garden building people put up for home offices, etc.  The building will be about 40m2.


I know the rules for outbuildings in a domestic setting man building regs apply to anything over 30m2, I presume this will also be the case for the club house.  Is that correct?  What I don't know is what regs would apply, is it the same set of regulations that apply if you are building a house, or is there a 'Part' specific to outbuildings, club houses, etc.?  I have had a bit of a search on the internet and cannot find anything that suggests a specific set of regulations for outbuildings and club houses.


I appreciate planning will also be required and that is a separate matter, but it is building regs I am interested in here.


Many thanks in advance for any input.

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