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I buy quite  a lot of stuff from local auctions, such as recently 2 sinks & 2 toilets for the grand sum of £22 + VAT + auctioneers commission + VAT on commission so total of approx £30.

But, as these items have VAT added as they are being sold by businesses, usually closing down, can I claim the VAT on these items.

Although this item is low value over the last few months I have spent £100's on items, many of which have VAT.

Now, I realise that I;m getting bargains to start with, so am I being greedy.

The issue is that although I have the auction receipt which shows VAT being added they do not provide details of the seller, so I don't know who I've paid the VAT to.


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Added to say that if the receipt you has includes VAT it must show a VAT registration number surely? Can’t you just send that in and state that you purchased from the auction house? 

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