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My House CO2 usage

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I was a bit bored earlier, so thought I would look at the CO2 usage of my house.

Rather than go into the nitty gritty, which I may do later.  I just looked at what the fraction of low to high CO2 generation happened and compared it to my temporal usage over since the beginning of April 2020.

I did not both to add in the interconnect intensities, and treated pumped storage as a 50:50 split between high and low, though I suspect it should be treated as low.  This captures 89% of all the generation though, so not bothered about the small uncertainties.

The generation data came from Gridwatch as usual.

All I have to do now is shft my usage forward by 1 hour to fit my usage to the low carbon generation a bit better and at a reasonable price.

If we had a tariff that was based on carbon intensity, I would use lots during the day, rather than lots at night.



Carbon Intensity of my House.jpg

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