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Budget/ Cashflow spreadsheets and Tips please


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I'm currently at the stage of building a detailed budget as we are now in for planning and interfacing with self build mortgage lenders. 


I do have a high level spreadsheet and have a full development cost understood, however I need to break the build cost section out with real numbers just now as I just have my magic 'finger in the air' 1200/m^2 figure at the moment for the build. 


I have various prices back for all the windows, the house kit, MVHR, etc however I have basically been procrastinating as hard as I can before building the full budget spreadsheet and cashflow (albeit I have a very good idea of what I want it to do). I have a terrible habit of avoiding these things, rather than just eating the frog and getting done. 


I have downloaded a number of spreadsheets from on here, which I have attached for reference for anyone else who is looking. I can't remember who posted them (one is definitely by @Jeremy Harris) but thanks to those who shared.


I am going to build a budget spreadsheet using the 'self build - cost estimate' attached. I seems to make sense and uses pivot tables to allow the data to easily  broken out. I've a little learning to do on those but, I spend most of my day costing and estimating on spreadsheets for large engineering projects so should be fairly straightforward. Then I plan on adding a cashflow tab and actual costs vs  budget. Hopefully so it's all easy to update and doesn't take up too much time throughout the process. 


However, I wanted to check if anyone else had other examples they would be happy to share and that worked well?


And also any tips? extra functions or info to add that you would add in hindsight? 


I do plan on adding a column for reclaimable VAT so I can track this and also an easy way to add a column to monitor costs during build easily to see if we are on track. 


Sample_Costbook.xls Self Build - Cost Estimate.xlsx Simplified costing spreadsheet - 050421014.xls

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Reading between the lines - I doubt anyone here (well, I can think of one..... )has much to teach you.


Perhaps you might  think about exhaustion and completing the damn thing. 

I needed learn to muster just enough self discipline to print the invoices off and drop them in a special tray - one which with his often muddy feet the cat won't lie on. Just enough self discipline to DO-IT-NOW.

There must be six months worth of invoices waiting for attention. And a whole load of paw prints.

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