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Are Sunamps Reliable yet?


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This is our experience, in total:


We fitted a Sunamp PV, a very early pre-production unit, in 2015.  It had a few teething problems, but after about three months it worked flawlessly until we chose to swap it for a new Sunamp UniQ 9 kWh unit in October 2018. 


The Sunamp UniQ was essentially unfit for purpose from the day we received it.  It failed to provide hot water several times, Sunamp were less than helpful and the only way I managed to get the thing to work was to reset the control box every day.  Failure to do this would result in there being no hot water. 


Nearly a year ago, I finally managed to get a response from Sunamp.  They ignored one of the major failures we'd had. the main contactor failing; I replaced that at my own expense as they just failed to respond to repeated requests.  Around ten months ago they got around to supplying me with a replacement control box and sensor assembly.  


Since fitting this, the Sunamp UniQ has worked flawlessly.  It seems as reliable as our original Sunamp PV.  Whether this is a true indication that all units are now reliable I don't know, but so far it looks OK.

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A work colleague had a Daiken Altherma bi-bloc ASHP and 3 Sunamps fitted fairly recently. Bought directly from Sunamp and included installation (part of that 20% off deal they offered a fair while ago). It was an MCS install arranged by Sunamp. The system works well when it’s running but the ASHP stops working regularly and has to be restarted. The installer has not been able to get to the bottom of it yet but my colleague says that it doesn’t happen if the Sunamps are switched off. So possibly not a Sunamp issue per se, but maybe it demonstrates that installers haven’t all worked out how to integrate them yet. 

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