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renovation stages and cost/time estimates


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Hi all;
Whats the realistic way to estimate the cost of different stages of a house renovation.
Once I have seen website with some useful tables and excel sheets to make these estimates but now I couldn't find it :(:(

What are the estimated London daily rate range or labour per sqm cost for the diffrent stages of building work/renovation?
Some of the work and stages are:

- general labourer for kitchen, bathroom unit removals, ripping off wall paper, tiles, carpets etc.
- removal of the some wall and doors for remodelling
- cleaning, skip hiring
- building new partitions, walls, doors
- putting new electrical cables
- repair of existing walls & ceiling, plastering & skimming of old and new walls
- bathroom/shower fitting
- central heating, radiator pipework
- boiler and gas installation
- Underfloor heating for joist floors
- new drainage for toilets
- plumbing
- tiling
- hardwood flooring
- carpentry works for cabinets, doors etc.
- kitchen unit installation
- CU upgrade and electrical second fix
- painting

And which online sources do you recommend to find multi-skilled house renovation teams for the whole project ?

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