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  1. I thought that, but have looked at the planning docs on our councils planning site and it states 45 degree taken from near edge and also shows it in a diagram.
  2. Yes single storey. my neighbours in same private drive are all fine, we are all good friends and have fully discussed it. On the side that the side extension will be, there are 4 converted housing association maisonettes that directly rear face into the side of my property (see satellite view below), these I have not spoken to, not the most approachable and they are housing association tenants (not sure how this may impact things). There are no windows now or planned facing towards them, and based on the height of the fence between them and myself, the extension should have minimal impact.
  3. Thanks Ferdinand, Dave and Temp. as we would be breaking it only marginally (up to 0.5M), and for single storey and which only which starts half way back along the side, then I am hoping that this would be looked on in our favour. The overall extension we are doing is modest in my opinion, but as I am new to this I could be wrong. I have attached the rough plans that I drew up showing existing verses my initial plan and a proposed layout. Note the odd shape down the side is designed to maintain access to the rear garden. I will be appointing an architect soon, but want to get a clear idea of what we can do. for planning forum.pdf internal layout proposal.pdf
  4. Hi, first post but hopefully a quick and straightforward answer, so thanks in advance. had a quick search on the forum but couldn't see anything obvious where this had been discussed. we are looking to get a wraparound single storey extension on our semi detached house. Due to the odd shape of our land, the side part of the extension starts half way back so will not span the length of the house, so completely subordinate to original structure. As it's wraparound we know we will need to seek planning permission. This is fine. the question is how wide can this side part of the extension be. I see 'can be up to 50% the width of the original structure' in many places, but what isn't clear if this is a hard and fast rule, or whether it's only for PD purposes only. As we would seek planning permission can we break this 50% rule?. To put it into context, our house is 5M wide, so 50% would add a further 2.5M. Based on our own layout ideas we would want to take this nearer to 3M, but no greater. The rear would also go out to 3M. The house is only 10 years old so has no previous extensions. Thanks John
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