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  1. Just to update. Have spent long hours looking through lots of posts. Have to say there is now a wealth of valuable information avaliable from all the posts. Decided as advised by many, that having an internal stack with only rodding point at its base not a good idea. So will create a new IC Outside the new extension and from there to the mains sewer, which is to be built over.
  2. That’s it. The example I saw had wc with 4 other waste water attachments. I assume this gets around the part H requirement.
  3. KIt’s been a number of years since I have been on site, apart from a few days ago when I eventually remembered my password. When I was on before we were in the process of doing a bungalow extension. Well the extension still isn’t done, but we hope to change that shortly. In the meantime since we lost our two dogs, we have been doing some travelling, finding ourselves in Australia when Covid became an issue and making it back from there 2 days before Qantas temporarily stopped flying overseas, and 2 days after lockdown started here, after a number of flight cancellation and changes. A stressful time. Planning permission for the bungalow, lapses in about 3 months, so I need to get a build over agreement to Thames water ASAP. Below is the existing and proposed drainage designs. Finances are tight so the aim is to do it as economical as possible. The now internal manhole will be removed. I have moved the connection to the sewer forward as this seems easier given the island sink. Is this necessary or can it curl around backwards, with the rodding eye to the left of the building? The new store room, previously the bathroom has holes through the wall for the sink and bath outlets and through the floor for the toilet. Can these be reused? The door to the store room can be changed. I show the utility room will need multiple waste water outlets (I have shown 2 only ) joining to a stack, the same stack for all the new bathroom outlets . Is this possible? I did come across a fitting which allowed 5 inputs at the same level for a stack ( sorry can’t find it again, so don’t know it’s name). The rodding for this stack would have to be from an opening in the stack. Is this wise and is there an alternative.? I am very concerned about this as in a previous house we had an outside stack totally blocked at first floor level. Rodding from the loo and from the drain did nothing, so the plumber had to loosen off the mid joint of the stack, to remove the contents, it was not pleasant to say the least! The other manhole to the rhs, will need to have one of inputs removed, unless we use it for a new upstairs bathroom. All the pipes are 4”, new stacks as far as I understand are 110mm, will this be a problem? Can we easily block off this input if not reused? Sorry a bit long winded. Any help very gratefully received as I find understanding what is good and permitted very confusing, Jenny. existing drainage.PDF proposed drainage.PDF
  4. If close to electic cables may be worth contacting electric company. A number if years ago we managed to get electric company to cut down group of overgrown fir trees, which were impinging on the cables, from our front garden at no cost to ourselves.
  5. Many thanks. How were you advised that you had ‘started’? No pre start planning conditions, as all materials to match existing, at least that minimises complications!
  6. Our council planners don’t like talking to mere householders, but may certainly be worth a try. Its an idea re: a minor change, which as you say can be done under a building notice. My concern is that these would be allowable under permitted development and therefore would they actually lock in the planning permission?
  7. The foundations for the extension wall parallel to the sewer could be dug, but again not sure building control would allow it without a full agreement and build over for the bit which actually crosses the sewer?
  8. We cannot touch the drains until we have a build over agreement and full building control agreement, as extension will be over mains sewer. We therefore cannnot use a building notice, and its a lot of work, structural engineers etc. To get building control agreement done, if we can avoid it.
  9. The only demoltion, other than knocking through when the extension is built, is of the so called summer house, which did appear on the planning permission plans. This is mearly an old large shed with windows and double doors to the front. I would have thought it unlikely that we would need a demolition order to remove it, therfore would that count as demolition for the start of plans?
  10. We have planning permission which will run out in a couple of years, to modify our bungalow, adding an extension, removing a summer house (posh name for ugly shed) changing roof from flat to pitched, changing location of front door, moving stairs, adding skylights and new rooms within existing roof space. Due to personal circumstances we are unlikely to be able to start the works in any meaningful way before the planning permission expires. We wish to lock in the planning permission so that we can do it at a later date. The permission is exempt from CIL as under 100 m2. We could of course just reapply later, but if CIL changes or the councils allowable works change, that may not be possible. The extension is to be built over a mains sewer, hence digging foundations to lock in the planning is problematic as a build over agreement would be required and a full building regulations application would need to be submitted, with all the work that entails. Any easy ideas as to how to lock in planning would be much appreciated.
  11. If manhole is part of a public sewer (i.e. sewage from a neighbouring property enters there) then you will not be able to build over it and it will have to be moved.
  12. Avaliable a lot cheaper here
  13. Jml

    Foul Drainage

    Confused (again), in @JGB example at the beginning of this thread how would that work?
  14. Jml

    Foul Drainage

    Many thanks, to all on this thread, think have actually understood how to do my drains at last! One last question (sorry about hijacked thread), can you rod an s shape i.e. 45 deg out of IC, then 45 deg into mains sewer?
  15. Jml

    Foul Drainage

    I think i nearly understand, so in @JGB example that plastic chamber could be used but sealing off unwanted inlets?