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  1. i would like to avoiding removing door frame tbh. He about to tied up blocks into the existing wall? Then put insulation inside the door frame and build frame to fit plasterboards inside? Outside wall finishing up with mortar. On the top of that I’m planning cladding . See post below. Thanks
  2. hi all! I wondered if you guys can help me out and guide me how and what materials to use to block up this doors. Do I need to remove them completely or just block it on using timber and plasterboaerd what about gaps between doors and frame can I just seal it lock doors and put insulation? Any ideas? Thanks 🙏
  3. Also guys... so please see picture below. So between kitchen and dining room was wall... was because I knocked it down. Of course architect was involved but he just said I can put this down with no worries. I’m bit sceptical about it now. Is this wall could support anything?
  4. Hi. I’ve bought this screws which you recommend for me. And they actually doing great job. Apart from that one it’s seems like just go half into the floor. There’re is no pipes there so what possibly can go wrong .. asking for friend 😂
  5. Hi all, Just bought my first house and what is drives me mad is squeaking cracking floorboard. I’ve removed laminated floor from 2 rooms and noticed that floor is squeaking soooo much. Floorboards are fixed with nails rather than screws. Can you please recommend some diy to fix it. And also what’s the best screws to use. Should I predrill before fixing screws? Should I removed all the nails? Thanks for any help!