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  1. BMcN

    Iq glass

    I went for the Cortizo and installed a few weeks ago. Seems good for the money, will be very slim sightlines once the floor and plasterboard etc is in.
  2. Anyone heard any more updates on this product? I will be in the market for an ASHP in the coming months.
  3. I spoke to someone today who said that there must be an open vent somewhere in the system. With this in mind a vent could be attached to a ridge tile. I'll have a play around and see what way I can arrange stuff.
  4. @ProDave the joists are JJI style and run left to right on the screenshots, at 400 centres. The loft is a cold vented one. Anyone care to have a sketch of a better solution? I have no experience with soil waste so would be good to have a decent idea or plan before I approach building control.
  5. Roof is on so that will be a challenge now Dave. Any suggestions on how things could be rejigged to tidy things up?
  6. Hi guys, I am looking for some advice on how to tidy up my pipes. See attachments 1 and 2. These show the waste pipes for all upstairs plumbing, however this means a waste pipe running horizontally across the outside, which I would very much like to avoid. a I am wondering if I can run the toilet waste on the room marked Bathroom, to something similar to whats shown in attachment 3. This would mean a 90 degree bent on the waste run, so I would need two rodding access points I guess. Or can anyone else come up with any tidier solutions? Thanks
  7. See towards the end of this thread.
  8. Thanks @joe90, yes I will probably do the same then, the two main partitions are load bearing so concrete drawf walls under anyway so going through a doorway here is of no benefit anyway. Noted thanks @PeterW
  9. Both quotes direct from them, perhaps PSW offering large discounts on their prices quoted in Ebay. Pipe - just from general googling and here.
  10. Thanks @ProDave& @PeterW. I might have an attempt at the spiral and see how difficult it in. Maybe for the loops that are not very square I'll stick to the serpentine one.
  11. F My quotes from both for comparison give very different numbers. PSW and Wunda quoted for Grundfos pumps, UPM3 and EuP, unsure if any different. PSW was £38 per 100m Pex Al Pex. Wunda Pert-Al-Pert is £63. PSW came in at £1097 delivered for my system, this included 140 lengths of self adhesive rails. Wunda were £1366 . Removing the pipe rails this makes Wunda £365 more expensive, not including my smaller pumpset up upstairs. So a significant price difference on my quotes, equivalent spec and arguably better pipe. Only thing is the warranty but at £365 saving its worth the risk.
  12. I had a couple of companies provide a design with their initial quote. I think I can do better using loopcad myself to be honest. I found cheapest was PSW Trade Supplies.
  13. Anyone have any feedback on what pattern you or your installer went for? Thanks
  14. Have a go with the MIT app builder.
  15. Yes you basically make them whatever size you want, the trusses will be designed around them. Here is a screenshot of part of my truss plan showing 4 x roof windows 1140x1180mm. They are doubled each side and the truss that goes through the middle is cut onsite and bridled (600mm centres).