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  1. BMcN

    Vertical slate cladding

    I'd have to check with my architect to see if this is allowed. Other open I considered would be to render it all then have the cladding on top, so it would be purely for aesthetics.
  2. BMcN

    Vertical slate cladding

    Just to clarify, you mean battens at 75mm for the slate, but how is your render 100mm depth?
  3. BMcN

    Vertical slate cladding

    Render will be wet dash or possibly a k-rend or similar, so I'd expect 20mm depth. @Mr Punter the render will be directly onto the block work so cant adjust its finished depth really. I'm in Scotland makie and the slates are direct to the sparking boards for the roof, but it's ventilated from underneath, this wouldn't work on the walls.
  4. BMcN

    Vertical slate cladding

    Thanks @vivienz it was your blog I saw them and liked them. Do you have any trims in mind that you mentioned @makie ? Looked at the Marley trims for the cladding and the provide a starter trim, but this isnt very high so I don't see how it would work butting up to the render when the slates require battens and counter battens. Would provide quite a depth difference.
  5. Evening, Our build will have some elements of cladding just to break up the render. We had been looking at marley cedral, pvc or larch. However after seeing some photos on here I quite like the Marley vertigo slates. Does anyone have more info on the details, particularly around windows. Also I have only ever saw pictures of full walls done, never stopped mid wall and transitioned to render - can this be done? Attached a couple of snips from elevations to show the sort of detailing that would be req.
  6. For my electricity I had to chase them up as they were trying to bill my plot instead of posting my bills to my home. I haven't really used any units yet but there is still the daily charge to pay.
  7. BMcN

    Should I fit solar panels

    Using my above example, by not buying slates it reduced the cost of the PV install by approx 25%.
  8. BMcN

    Should I fit solar panels

    I just fitted 12x 300w panels using gse mounts. For the panels, mounts and all the other bits and bobs needed, cost 2.5k Inc vat and delivery. The mounts saved approx 26m2 slates. Think it was 28 slates p/m at 0.75ea. So approx £550 slates. So I'm looking at around £1500-1600 all in once we get the vat back. I have not included labour as we did the panels ourselves with the help of the roofer, so I think this would have been similar to the cost of him slating it.
  9. BMcN

    Foil faced insulation underfloor

    Thanks. I'll see what depth I have as the hardcore is in and compacted but I can't remember what depth I have left to the FFL.
  10. BMcN

    Foil faced insulation underfloor

    Sorry I got confused as I misread Peters post. Yes dpm then PIR then another dpm to protect from screed. Why the recommendation of 25mm eps instead of blinding?
  11. BMcN

    Foil faced insulation underfloor

    What's the thinking behind the double dpm? Just to save on messing around with blinding?
  12. BMcN

    Foil faced insulation underfloor

    That's what I am hoping, I'd be able to reduce the cost of insulation quite a bit by going without foil.
  13. Morning, With regards to PIR insulation when placed under floor, does it matter about being foil faced? My floor will be concrete slab / DPM / 120-150mm PIR / UFH pipes / 75mm concrete screed. If the answer above is yes, is there anything I could use on top of the PIR to replicate the foil face, like an aluminium VCL like this? Thanks
  14. BMcN

    Part 26 - Wall mounted Solar PV system

    Looks good, keeping the top in line with the windows was a great idea. I'm curious about the DNO notification. Was your electrician MCS certified or just a regular sparky? My install will be DIY and I don't want to have to find a MCS company to try and sign it off.
  15. BMcN

    DPM above or below concrete slab

    Thanks, that clears it up. Yes it is new build. Make up is to be hardcore, 150mm reinforced concrete, PIR and screed on top. So DPM below the slab and a polythene below the screed.