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  1. Thanks Herbj, still looks very neat and doesn't look like it's moved much if at all. Nice thanks Thorfun. We can get hold of it it's just more money than the sweet chestnut. It might leave me moremoneg for the landscaping pot! I'll try jewsons. Happy Easter, thank you all.
  2. Thanks for that Rishard. Looks good in narrow boards. Herbj, thank you for your pictures. Looks very smart newly fitted. It would be good to see it aged if you can post a recent picture. But we are leaning towards the Chestnut. Thanks Miek for your experience of Larch and Ash. I didn't think about chestnut being used for shingles, of course it must be pretty durable.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. We have considered British larch but think it poses a risk for movement as we're going for the rustic sawn look. I do think JohnMo's looks very good vertically though. We've discounted hardie plank even though its no maintenance and maybe the sensible choice, mostly because we like the rustic look of real timber. Thanks Bitpipe, you're probably right, hesitation is the mother of all f*** ups! I'll look into ash as suggested above. Has anyone used or seen weathered sweet chestnut?
  4. Hi, I wander if anyone can help. We have our tf up and bricked/blocked around. We've moved onto buying the cladding. We're having horizontal sawn weatherboard. We plan on leaving it untreated to silver naturally. We originally planned on siberian larch but on top of brexit/covid price hikes there's now less of it around due to sanctions on Russia. We've been offered sweet chestnut from a local sawmill at approximately 30 percent less than siberian larch. We're attracted by the sweet chestnut being local (british), not giving our money to Russia and of course the price difference! I'm not sure if anyone has experience of both timbers left in its natural state or if it's a good substitute? I welcome your views. Thank you for reading.
  5. Thanks Sean1933, we've instructed based on an estimate after your recommendation. The estimate was just over £700 for straight forward legalwork on an Ecology mortgage on a plot we already own freehold with no other changes. Thank you to everyone that has replied, without buildhub we would be paying a lot more (at least 50%)! This is an excellent resource, thanks. If we can help anyone in the future PM us for any info on details.
  6. Thanks Barryscotland, yes makes sense. I think that's about where we'll end up. We've had first two quotes north of £1600!
  7. That would be appreciated, thank you.
  8. Could anyone help, we're in the same situation with Ecology and high solicitor's quotes for legal work. If anybody could offers the name of a solicitor that wasn't too expensive for them it would be appreciated. Our local ones have quoted between 1k and 2k! Ecology suggests the legal work should cost 2-3 hundred.
  9. Hi, Does anyone have experience of Chorley Building Society for a self build mortgage? Buildstore have come up with them at a rate of 3.8% which seems reasonable however we'd be interested to hear what they are like to deal with for stage inspections. Thanks in advance.
  10. @ProDave sounds like you're doing well. My husband says he wants ours to take five years, I'd prefer one!
  11. Thanks for your replies. @BuzzThat make sense, it's a fairly simple design. @PeterStarck you're right about services, we need a pumping station to lift approximately 1m for sewerage. Electric is in at 9k, water is quoted at less than 1k though. @SteamyTea our plans are all approved with no complex conditions, just waiting for building regs approval so hopefully professional fees should be limited. The design is fairly simple with timber frame quotes between 55 and 70k depending on the level of insulation and company. @Triassic sounds like you're doing well. Our plant room is centralish on the south side wall to ensure short run for ashp and mvhr. Could you recommend a brand or company for either of these? @PeterW so far we have found it very useful it is to be available to solve problems early to reduce wasted time when we're paying for skilled labour. Here it's difficult to find anyone you'd want near your house for £330/week. My husband doesn't earn a massive wage and both of us want to be hands on anyway, we'll probably only do this once!
  12. Hi, We're just setting out on this roller-coaster ride and are looking at our budget. My question is this. We're going to be building a 220m2 timber frame one and a half storey home, brick clad, with air source and mvhr on a level plot on sandy soil in Suffolk. Is £1100/m2 possible given that my husband and I have renovated numerous homes fitting kitchens and bathrooms on tight budgets? the interior doesn't scare us! Also my husband will give up work during the build to manage and do as much as possible and I will on hand too. Many thanks in advance.
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