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  1. Its definitely possible but you have to do a lot of it yourself and spend time shopping around for the best prices. Internal spec can vary hugely and can obviously have such effect on the total build cost. The plans you show have a lot of glass and bifolding doors which is not cheap so that will take a big chunk of the budget. In regards to your help to buy isa, my fiance and I used our help to buy isa’s for our self build. It went on purchasing the plot, as long as neither of you have ever had a mortgage or house in your name before then you can use the isa towards the plot purchase.
  2. Do your thermostats use temperature probes that are also under the floor?
  3. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    I’m not arguing it will, I’m just saying that’s what the one supplier offers with theirs. Probably because its a way of getting cost down due to a lot less material. I totally agree that a string would be the better option.
  4. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    Yes that is a good point if I was to get one made myself. One company supply a cnc machined template with the purchase that you mount to the wall so that when you install it, you drill every hole perfectly and every tread goes in the exact position its supposed to.
  5. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    Sorry I didn’t explain that very well. Two websites I’ve come across that will build and ship them out to you to install yourself supply them with M12 x 180mm anchor bolts. I’ll definitely be using resin anchors for mine.
  6. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    That looks beautiful and you’ve also got near enough the identical tiles we’ve been looking at too!
  7. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    Ok thats good but alteast you had them incase they wanted them. Thank you for the extra pictures too, it all helps. I think its slightly harder to add it to a traditional concrete block wall as the blocks are only 100mm thick and most anchor bolts that I have seen used are longer than 100mm.
  8. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    Brilliant! Thank you for that👍🏼.
  9. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    Did building control require any structual analysis from you to ensure the fixings could withstand the load? From what you’ve said there it sounds exactly like what I want and how I was invisioning constructing it.
  10. Evs

    Cantilever stairs

    Yeah I’ll keep the thread updated with how I get on. The calculations look daunting at first but after studying them for a bit it doesn’t seem as bad as I first thought. The bit that may be tricky is adding glass balustrade to the stair case that is also supported by the wall fixture, but the weight of the glass is shared between however many treads each piece of glass spans. I can imagine loads of people have had them made without doing any structual analysis. Its if BC ask for it and you haven’t got it there’ll be a bit of trouble.
  11. Has anyone designed or made their own cantilever stairs? I’ve been looking at how they’re made and it doesn’t seem too difficult. I’m sure if I get the dimensions of everything I could take it to a good fabricating shop and they could cut and weld all the steel for me. Then its just getting the treads made to slide over the top of the steel. I was thinking of getting something like this made up instead of having a 10mm thick plate anchored to the full the full length of the stairs from top to bottom. The wall is made of standard concrete block and is load bearing so will be fine to anchor to. Other than getting my own made I’ve looked online on Fontanot but they don’t seem to be able to do the colour I’m after. Has anyone got any experience with any other websites that you can buy them from that are not stupidly expensive? I’ve looked on a couple of sites and prices were starting from £10,000-£12,000 which I don’t intend paying that much. I also need 2 of these stair cases. Found this website which is very informative. https://homedesigntutorials.com/2017/08/12/how-to-design-a-cantilevered-staircase/
  12. I’m using buildstore for our self build but our lender is Hanley. I would try other options next time, mainly because of their fee’s and they’re slow when trying to get things done. For example although taking the Christmas period into account, I applied for our last stage release on 18th November and didn’t receive the money until 7th January. Any emails you send them usually take a minimum of 48 hours for a response and if you’re firing a few emails back and forth, a short conversation which could be sorted in an hour, can take over a week. There are positives. We had no issues getting our mortgage. That was all pretty straight forward and we didn’t have to go to the nth degree in regards to our projected costings. Everyone we’ve dealt with have been helpful, but they’re turnover of staff is tremendous. We’ve dealt with over 20 advisors since applying and our case has been passed from one person to the next due to employees leaving. Overall I wouldn’t say I’ve had a particularly bad experience so far, they’re just slow when getting things done which can be frustrating and their fee’s are high. I know people that have had excellent and bad experiences with both Buildstore and Ecology. I’m applying for our next draw off this coming week so I’ll let you know if they’re any quicker this time.
  13. Hi mate, I appreciate the reply. All the other low-profile systems I’ve received quotes for have all had to be screwed down. Most say to put a 3mm adhesive underneath then screw them down with 40mm screws and insulation washers. They all wanted £250+ just for the screws and washers and I can get them on ebay for £115. Funnily they’ve all quoted me for 1600 screws & washers too... there is no way I’m installing 1600 screws. What are you installing them on top of? If you’re on 22mm floor boards and the low-profile panels are 20mm then if you stick to 40mm screws and don’t drive them too far into the panels then you’ll be fine for the pipes underneath as the screws won’t protrude below the floor. Or you could go down to 30-35mm screws to ensure they 100% won’t protrude below floor boards but you’d be fine either way. I’ve been looking online for any feedback or reviews of the manifolds and valves they supply. I’ve only been able to find one comment and the guy said that they were not good quality components, but thats all I’ve been able to find. I expected far more information on them considering they say they are one of the biggest suppliers of underfloor heating equipment in the UK. I’m really on the fence as to whether to bite the bullet and buy it from them. The other option I considered was buying the manifolds and valves from a different supplier and just use them for everything else as it would still work out far cheaper that way. Edit: Just seen your other topic and you’re using the trays rather than the 20mm insulated panels I got quoted for.
  14. I’m in the same boat and have also been told that k rend is more likely to be affected by algae. But the 2 people that have said this to me have no theory to back it up so I’m still swaying towards K rend.
  15. Beautiful house! We have gone for anthracite external and internal with a quartz sill in the kitchen to match the work top and all the rest of the house have white sills.