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  1. Good morning all. We're doing a stable conversion and, to give us more space upstairs, have decided to use steel beams to replace the attic trusses shown on our original drawings. Building Control seem happy with most of the calculations we've submitted but our structural engineer has indicated we need a universal column (203 x 203 x 46 UC) to use as a lintel spanning a 4 metre opening for bifolding doors in an outside 9" solid wall. The problem is that because the beam supports the full width of the wall (as well as the end of a beam supporting the floor above) there's no room to do much about insulating it from either side. How would you suggest overcoming the problem of cold bridging in a case like this? Building Control have understandably asked for this information and I've no idea how to reply. They also want to know how the steel is treated and weather protected. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou