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  1. In the next couple of weeks we will be putting the service ducts etc. into our compacted stone base for the KORE foundation, but we're on a tight budget (aren't we all!) so we're trying to do as much as we can ourselves...including drainage plans eek! House is being built with SIPs so we're bringing as much through the founds as possible to keep the envelope intact - only cuts through the SIPs will be for MVHR in/out ducts, kitchen extractor and wood-burner flu. So I've tweaked my architects drainage plan on the BC submission, to avoid external vented stacks and multiple connections...but not sure if what I am proposing will work, have I missed anything in the regs (Northern Ireland Building Control)? Would like to be able to have a simple drainage system with one stack with an AAV - top of soil pipe and AAV will be in the boxed in corner of main bathroom that will also be partitioned off for a laundry chute. The run from the bath in master bedroom to this soil pipe will be approx 12.5m... from my calcs on the fall needed and space available in the floor deck, it looks like it could work - I could elevate the bath slightly if required for a greater fall...but maybe the length of pipe run is too much?? I've allowed 110mm diameter for soil pipe, 100mm for toilet waste and 75mm for all other. PS - will also have ducts in for power, air vent for woodburner, broadband etc...its going to be a busy foundation! many thanks (pic of first floor will be uploaded separately as I've reached the size limit)
  2. Hi there, we hope to have our panels going up in a couple of months, just wondered if you fitted the VCL and if you have any pictures please to help me understand what I need to do? thank you
  3. Yes I was surprised that it hadn't been picked up earlier given that we've had great service from them to date. I hadn't specified as such but I have had general chats about why we chose SIPs and KORE foundation system together, to get an airtight warm home. Re the north end of beam 4 - supporting post is moving inside the wall of the house and beam above is being reduced in length to bring it inside too. Have gone through the rest of the design with them yesterday and we haven't identified any others. They are now looking into splitting the balcony beam. Its great to have this forum to guide me thanks...getting involved in detail very new to me but I'm enjoying it!
  4. Thanks all, some really helpful advice and good tips. I'll liaise with SIPs@Clays and request the thermal break at a join in 10 as it leaves the house for the balcony. thanks again...will update the post once I have an outcome.
  5. We have a SIPs house design with a cantilevered balcony and void area that requires steel supporting posts and beams - green lines in snapshot below. To avoid cold bridging we have moved the outer steel support post inside the SIPs wall, but I'm not sure how to approach the central steel beam (labelled 10 in the pic). Is my only option to insulate and box the beam internally? Your help would be appreciated please. Thank you
  6. We're building a SIPs house in Northern Ireland, just getting prepared to submit to Building Control, but very interested in the foundations you used. I'm getting a bit confused over which foundation type to use, we have good ground, but our architect is of a very traditional mindset. Could you please explain why you chose the Kore Insulated foundation system? Sorry if you've done this already and I've missed it. Should I be using a Structural engineer to complete my founds design or just to assess it? Many thanks for any help you can're right in that it gets a bit worrying at times, but trying to keep hold of the excitement and enjoy this process. Good luck with the rest of your build, I will enjoy following it.
  7. yes we will be limited but have looked into it and have some options, it'll be worth it!
  8. Thanks for your comments all. I've uploaded the house design. We're getting close to finishing our pack to submit to Building Control...reached a stumbling block on fire risk and will need to install an auto-mist system to keep the design as open as we'd like it. Ouch! The budget won't like that! I'll have a look on here for some reputable local companies for that. As we are trying to do as much ourselves, I don't have a builder yet to ask this question, so you may be able to help please? We will be building in SIPs so the external house will be finished in weather proof membrane and wood batons to support the final cladding. For the bottom half we plan to use /rustic-slate-cladding as we love the look of it (saw it in their show area) and I can fit it myself. The question is, what do I need to fit to the battons, to then use adhesive and fix the stone cladding tiles, a plywood? then would I also need a tile backing board on top, or should I use a cement board instead of plywood? Your suggestions and guidance would be much appreciated - thank you. 16.10.20 - planning changes - Option B (3).pdf
  9. Hi, I've not been on a while as we have been waiting on approval of Reserved Matters before being able to progress, well, last Wednesday, after eight months rather then 8 weeks, we received full approval. We did have to make one set of changes (they were submitted in September) - lower half clad in stone, some changes to window design - but we are over the moon that we can get started! The planning delay has been very frustrating and has cost us thousands (eg SIPs cost has increased due to rise in materials costs), but we are here now and cant do anything about that, so onwards and upwards!
  10. Hi, We're a family of 4 who relocated to Glenarm, Northern Ireland a year ago with nowhere to live or no jobs...but the risk paid off and we now have a fantastic half acre plot (with OPP) in the countryside, a dog, and hubby has a job. The plan is for me to project manage the build. We've had some floor plans and sketch of our dream home for a few years as this has been a long term dream of ours. Worked with a fantastic architect to turn that into reality and we're now 8 weeks into our RM planning application, expect to hear in another couple of weeks, fingers crossed! We've completed as much pre planning as we can (yes, a huge spreadsheet) and have chosen SIPs@clays to get us to watertight stage, planning direct labour and our own labour to finish. As soon as we get the green light our architect will work with SIPs@clays to get design complete and building control application submitted. We had a ridge height restriction on OPP, so to provide is with the upstairs space we need, we have opted for a 5degree mon pitch sedum roof and plan to clad the house in black corrugated steel - always loved how this reflects the surrounding environment and will fit well in its farm setting. Well that's it for now...sure you'll be hearing a lot more from me as our project proceeds and questions arise. Thanks, Kerry