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    Thanks Joe, Funnily enough I read as much from your post in this thread: Thanks for the tip, it hadn't crossed my mind to do it that way and is exactly why I'm here to get such ideas/advice !
  2. I just get the impression from them that houses means bricks and metal buildings dont belong in housing estates. The whole thing stinks of "jobs for the boys" it's why I tend not to involve 3rd parties with what i do, but this garage is going to be too large to deny. For example if BC say no timber framing, to whom does one turn for a different/sensible ruling?
  3. This is basically what I have planned but will be with metal framing and the purlin supports you can see in the pics from the link. To stay under 2.5m height for permitted development and a 8m span, this is really the only solution that will work for me and give me clear internal space. My problem is talking to my local BC, who must see plenty of commercial builds using these systems but dont seem able/want to translate that into residential use.
  4. Hi All, I'm Dave and am in the North West of England. I've been planning a garage build for a few years and want to get it down this summer. I have watched a ton of youtube videos mainly in the USA of fitting EPS100 sheets under the slab and forming a ring beam for what will be a metal framed garage with insulated sheets for walls. I want this garage to retain the heat in winter and keep it out in summer, I'm planning for around 60-70m2 in size. The trouble seems to be with building control. Initial conversations make it clear that they like or understand strip foundations are are not enthusiastic about anything else. When approached to discus a timber frame with metal cladding apparently the words "substantially non combustible" are translated by them to mean 100% fireproof, so even 5% of the structure being wood and because I'm close to the boundary is not acceptable. I dont want to go the route of bricks due to weight and internal space, but not sure if I did what they would want me to make rafters out of !? if timber isn't allowed for framing... So when it comes to the founds I'm thinking I probably could build it myself, know it was ok for my use, but getting it passed local BC is a problem. Therefore am currently trying to research and find someone (locally) who can design me a BC compatible foundation which I can build myself (ie: hire in the trades to do on a daily rate rather than get a more costly turnkey solution). Thanks for reading.