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  1. And that the rub isn't it? You can drain it, should the need arise
  2. Me too! This thread on it own (took me over five days, on and off to read) has made me "think again" I wanted: 1) Set and forget 2) Scalability 3) Longevity To my eye, one seems to fail. Two is fine, but even three has or had? it's niggles. One thing I saw, but confess I overlooked, was weight. OMG! That's a ground floor based install for sure isn't it? No first floor, or basement stuff there ? Cost is double/three times. Serviceability is growing, but... Technical support is (yes, yes, pandemic) thin on the ground... For me personally. Nah... The timing simply isn't right. I will speak to my plumber Tuesday morning, but I think SA needs to fix it's controller and step away from the moody double glazing salesman myself. To my understanding, they need a controller for those that just want basic (normal?) Features, and those that want to play/tinker/monitor EVERYTHING! So to me, it's snog, but I've got my eye on someone/something else now...
  3. They do dummy Ali and dummy MDF. As with all things, it's gotta work for you doesn't it? We are rewiring and replumbing the entire house, so makes sense, and if not done now, when? Given no one else has contributed, let's hope it a success vs PITA! ?
  4. Well, I'm keen to know how you get on buddy. Keep me posted. PM on the way ?
  5. True, but the volumetric and thermodynamics can of course all be calculated and factored into the systems design. Back into English man... They will size the system, much like you would with traditional heaters, based off your room sizes. So... Can I conclude from this I will be the only one on the forum to "take a punt" on this stuff? Honestly, I didn't expect that! ? Come on people, share the love!
  6. Presumably it on their website someplace, but more interested to see if anyone has tried it. Oh... And this stuff doesn't look like the old tosh I "think" you are talking about. It "looks" like regular skirting board. Just ali vs MDF or whatever. Still, being ali, you'd want a good plasterer! ?
  7. Something else. It's skirting board heating. Oval pipes running behind the face of the skirting board. Looks like skirting board. Seems like similar material to aluminium window frames. Feed with 15mm pipe.
  8. OK Has anyone got it? Able to advise if they are happy or not with their purchase?? Anything they would do differently if they had their time over again??? I did a search and got nothing useful, so figured... Why not ask. NB: As a bit of a noub, if one of the admins could move this to the most appropriate section of the board, I won't mind at all! Thanks in advance ?
  9. So we have predominantly a mix of avoid, or snog. Not anyone (from what I can see) saying marry. Question: If Sunamp did a controller that was effectively a copy of what Mixergy have, and we round the numbers for illustration. So Sunamp 3k for a 12 and Mixergy 1.5k for there 300L tank would this sway anyone I wonder? I have to say, I'm being "forced to look again" at the Sunamp, as I expected far better product knowledge/support (yes, I aware I'm asking lots of questions when a lot of their are furloughed) but it just doesn't bode well for the future does it?? ? @Barney12 I "feel" your pain, so I'm leaving that well alone... <Shifts quietly towards the exit>
  10. I thought UK showers were between 6L and 10L, but hey. Point taken. Tar. From my reading, there doesn't seem to be anything conclusive. A lot of venting/frustration, and some very creative ideas, but I would like to have seen all this collective toil come to something. Shame really. Perhaps, snog? Allowing for early teething problems.
  11. ...so, is it snog, marry or avoid? I read the whole thing (took me five days, on and off) and I still don't know ? Oh, and here's a can of worms. I assume you can only get the generation 3 SA's now, correct?
  12. Sod it, I'll bite. Why? Different units seem to offer different flow rates, from what I saw/understood.
  13. ? Interesting, but ultimately... Nah. Not for me.
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