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  1. Hello, I hope you can advice to my query. I've done some research with regards to the SIP panel costs and it turns out that in Eastern Europe they are around 30% cheaper then UK. Many manufacturers do export them to Scandinavian countries. So my question is, if I want to get some SIPs to the UK would it be accepted by building control? What kind of paperwork/certificates they would require? Or who can I speak to for more guidance on this matter? Thanks 😊
  2. I believe you took a wrong figure. U value of these are 0.15
  3. Single skin with blocks - huge saving on bricklaying and time, structure can hold intermediate concrete floor, with 300mm EPS skin you can achieve passive house wall U values.
  4. Thanks for recommendations. The single wall 250mm thickness a very cost effective on labour.
  5. That is the point, you can build structure quick and cheap. Then add 30-40cm of insulation, render it and you have nearly a passive house. Can you share the location please? I would love to speak with a builder.
  6. I am thinking of a self build with ceramic building blocks (fired clay blocks). Nearly half of German houses are build with them, but have not seen any build in UK. Can I use this building technique in UK? What will be the challenges with building regulations/inspector? What documentation/specifications will be required to build with them?
  7. Do they have representative in UK or you ordered from abroad? Transportation cost?
  8. We just about to buy a plot with OPP. Just looked at CIL form Section 4. 'Exception or relief for self build' and the owner have thicken the box 'NO'. If we purchase a plot, will we have to pay CIL? or we can submit new CIL form for exception (council have exception policy for self builders)? chances of success? Thank you
  9. Hi, setting up my self to buy a plot (already have one in mind) and start self build. Now just reading, digesting information and making the list of things to consider. Next step to visit Build show in March. Going for chalet style 1,5 storey build approx 180sqm. Have only sketch drawings. Thinking to go with woodcrete walls and SIP roof. Want large open living space on ground floor. There will be 9m between the walls which gives me only two options for first floor slab: steel beams with wood joists or concrete floor. Which would be most cost effective? Or any other options? Thank you Mario